• Kechuang garden will add a viaduct!
  • Mianyang first zebra crossing out wisdom,Have you ever take this
  • Thumb up for mianyang bus company!For jia-wei wang teacher thumb up!
  • Science and technology commission overpass area traffic organization optimization
  • Thumb up to sanitation workers song master credit!
  • 1958The mall and leap road interchange a nasty accident
The lighthouse

Mianyang new three high speed,Synchronous start yesterday!

9Month16Monday morning,2019In the provincial key projects of traffic concentration starts mobilization activities in deyang cityG5Held a continous expansion construction site。The total investment1808One hundred million yuan2.....[For details]

Power information,See how didn't your home?

9Month17、18Mianyang, the following section will have a power outage,Users in advance, please prepare for production and living>>>[For details]

      Sichuan friends circle
      Existing--People play in west sichuanAPPDownloadAPP

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