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  • 05-15Hat guy mining area30Ten thousand tons/In building stone with limestone project
  • 05-15Construction project completion environmental protection Acceptance monitoring report
  • Industry information
  • 03-31Zijin mining to sell overseas stocks Expected earnings2Hundred million
  • 03-31Mining right application materials will be implementation of inventory management
  • 03-31Mining company's ore matching center party branch is the provincial state-owned assets supervision and administration committee
  • 03-31Zijin mining group“High and new technology enterprise groups”
  • 03-31Two balance rev rise again 19Billion financing buy zijin mining
  • 03-31Xin sea mining (provide guarantee for related party fails to fulfill its information
  • 03-31A new mining ruled that the big shareholders reorganization plan The city holdings
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    Chibi wen-ching mining co., LTD2014Years4Month20Establishment day,And obtain the business license,Become legal market main body,Located in chibi mountain town WenQing Village hat guy mining area,Not here“Three sides”,Chibi has been included in the recoverable range,Also made a reservation in chibi to determine15Mining companies。The total amount of investment4900More than ten thousand yuan,One of them:2014During the year for mountain town of highway construction investment300Ten thousand yuan;To build the mine special road investment413Ten thousand yuan;Electric power equipment investment150Ten thousand yuan;Pay rent rural mountain、Land rent300Ten thousand yuan;The construction company office building and dormitory investment200Ten thousand yuan;Civil engineering investment400Ten thousand yuan;Purchase、Install the mining and production and processing equipment investment2300Ten thousand yuan;Ring...

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  • 05-15Hat guy mining area30Ten thousand tons/In architecture
  • 05-15Construction project completion environmental protection Check
  • 03-31Zijin mining to sell overseas stocks In advance
  • 03-31Mining right application materials list will be implemented
  • 03-31Mining company party branch is ore matching center
  • 03-31Zijin mining group“High and new technology enterprise
  • 03-31Two balance rev rise again 19YiRong
  • 03-31Xin sea mining for related party guarantee