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       Chengdu Yang mica co., LTD. Is located in the state-level economic and technological development zone in chengdu,Cover an area of an area13Million square meters,Scientific research is a series of mica insulation materials、Production、The business、Import and export trade、Industrial real estate development、Industrial technology incubation park and mold industrial park for the integration of economic entities。The company was rated as chengdu“The spark science and technology demonstration enterprise”、Chengdu city“Quality trustworthy enterprise”、“Enterprise of observing contracts and keeping promise”、“Township enterprises in sichuan province science and technology advanced enterprises”、Sichuan province “Legitimate rights and interests protection unit”、Chengdu economic and technological development zone “Key protection enterprise”、Sichuan province“Quality、Obey the rules、Collecting the good faith”Unit and chengdu“Double love double review”先进企业等...
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Chengdu Yang mica co., LTD
Guangdong:Miss li
A mobile phone:13712995667,
The phone:0769-22633007
Q  Q:271712088
Chengdu:Mr Yang
A mobile phone:13458658438       18980489470        
The phone:   028-8843015   88431162 
Head office address:Chengdu economic and technological development zones at the national level(Long Quanyi)
Branch address:Dongguan dongcheng district cow hills pear sichuan hongsheng industrial zone
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