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  • 2017 12/22
    About the order within the prescribed time not passport control examination of passports of individual industrial and commercial application

    According to the《Individual and industrial and commercial door regulations》Article 14 the first paragraph and《Individual and industrial and commercial door passport control examination of passports》Article 4 the provisions of the first paragraph,Individual industrial and commercial households shall be given to every year1Month1Solstice5Month31To the registration authority to apply for annual passport control examination of passports。Deadline2012Years5Month31Day,In my branch office registration is individual and industrial and commercial door there are still some not in accordance with the provisions, apply for annual passport control examination of passports。According to the《Individual and industrial and commercial door regulations》Article 23 the provisions,The bureau decided to:Order still did not apply for passport control examination of passports is individual and industrial and commercial door from the date of this announcement30Days go to the registration authority in accordance with the law, the passport control examination of passports procedures,Did not deal with the overdue will revoke the business license in accordance with the law。

  • 2016 03/22
    Hunan province enable new business license

    Hunan industrial and commercial system in-depth implementation of the state council《The registered capital registration system reform》And the provincial government《Registered in hunan province Capital registration system reform implementation opinions》,Promote the reform of industrial and commercial registration system。Since2014Years3Month1The date,Hunan industrial and commercial system to enable all the new business license,The new registration、Registration of change and reissue、Replacement All of the business license issued by the new business license,The old version of original enterprise business license will be held2015Years2Month28Has all the replacement。

  • 2017 12/21
    Introduction to the necessity of bookkeeping agency company

      The enterprise accounting accounts is the record of business activities,The tax authorities as a tax on enterprises、The basis of inspection。Any enterprise need to face the two tax authorities of the national tax and land tax audit,And tax inspection, as has the traceability,That said the auditing department can check accounts of enterprise in the past year,And shall be investigated for responsibility。Clearly,Enterprise if you don't prepare accounts according to request of charge to an account,The risk and responsibility are very big,And risk degree is difficult to assess。  Bookkeeping agency company is specialized in small business accounting,Can't like accounting firm do business year of careful and evaluation。Bookkeeping agency company is usually responsible for a small company accounting business,Charge is very low,Composition is mostly experienced general financial personnel。Some of the big accounting firms in addition to the certified public accountants、Certified、There is a lawyer certified asset appraiser,Strong team。

Common problems

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  • Careful network hot words registered company name

    Recently,“Unbearable, I want to cry\/I feel depressed”Being registered as a company name,Originally is the language of a common network“Want to cry”,Unexpectedly suddenly became the focus of attention,The heat has been,Think not many“A distinction”Registration for the name of the company are in my heart。The heat is read by people who do business in the network,After registration can be used for himself,Advertising effectiveness,The company's reputation will also growing。

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  • The submission of industrial and commercial registration of establishment should be agents

    The submission of industrial and commercial registration of establishment should be agents: (1)Signed by the applicant《Set up an application for registration is individual and industrial and commercial door》; (2)The applicant id photocopy(Or census register proof); (3)The certificate of using the premises; Home ownership to submit property right card copy;Rental housing and the lessor a rental agreement and a photocopy of the copy of house property card;Has not obtained the house property card,Submit the certificate of real estate management department or the contract that buy a house and home sales license copy;The lessor for the hotel、In the hotel,Submitted to the hotel、The hotel's business license copy;Use their homes as a site set up individual businesses and private enterprises,But because of historical reasons cannot provide legal property certificates,Submitted to the village(R)People committee issued by institutions such as to prove that the applicant has the right to the use of the building documents。 (4)《The notice on the pre-approval of the shop name names》,Has approved the shop name name in advance shall be submitted; (5)The business scope of the application for registration in the law、Administrative regulations and the state council decided to regulations must be reported for approval before the registration of the project,Submit the relevant documents of approval or license certificate copy or permit; (6)The entrusted agent of applying for establishment registration,Submit the applicant signed《The power of attorney》And the agent's id copy(The signature)

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