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  Xinghua jinpeng alloy steel co., LTD., specializing in the production of metallurgical furnace with cobalt base alloy、Nickel base alloy heat-resistant、Wear all kinds of casting、A variety of specifications precision casting and centrifugal casting tube alloy steel casting products,With more than 20 years of professional production experience,The production of alloy steel series brings remarkable economic benefits and social benefits for the user。
    My company has a factory area of nearly2Wanm2,All kinds of metallurgy、The casting、Finishing equipment100Sets.the,Strong technical force,Engineering and technical personnel of the staff18%。Advanced production process equipment,Nissan molten steel20T,Production of various kinds of wear resistant steel fittings steel mill、Cement、Thermal power、Chemical machinery industry,After hundreds of user's use for a long time,Good performance、Benefit is good、Safe and reliable operation,To win the widespread praise users,Enjoy high reputation。
    In line with“Science and technology is productivity”、“People-oriented、The quality is supreme”Factory aim,We strive to apply the latest scientific research achievements to the production practice,Dissolve into our products,In a whole new quality、The first-class pre-sale、After-sales service,For the majority of users to create significant economic benefits,And for the sustainable development of our company to lay a solid foundation。


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